The Most Profitable Segments In Monopoly Live

To get a feel for the solvency of each segment of the wheel, you need to look at their RTP. RTP (return to player) is the percentage return to the player, or in other words, the average amount a player will get from each bet. For example, if the RTP is 94% and the player bets $1, the return to the player will be 94 cents on average, while 6 cents will be the profit of the online casino. 

Let’s talk about which segments are the most profitable. For that, we suggest you look at the table from Evolution itself, with the RTP of each of the wheel segments:

BetRTP, %
2 Rolls93.90%
4 Rolls93.67%

From the above table, we can see that based on RTP, the most profitable sectors are “Number 2” and “Number 10”, and the most absorbing sector is “Number 5”. As for the “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls” sectors, their RTP value is average. The “Chance” sector does not have a certain percentage of RTP, but it has a strong influence on the RTP of other segments, and consequently on Live Monopoly stats.

Statistics For Each Wheel Segment

Statistics guide for each wheel segment

To calculate the probability of each segment on the Monopoly Wheel, divide the number of segments with each multiplier by the total number of segments on the game wheel, of which there are 54. 

Thus, we get the following:

Segment on WheelNumber of SegmentsCalculating the probability of a segment falling outPercentage probability of the segment falling outPays
2 Rolls22/543.70%Random cash winnings/multiplier
4 Rolls33/545.55%Bonus Game 
Chance11/541.86%Bonus Game 

Based on the calculations in the table above, we understand that over many rounds sector “Number 1” should win around 40.74% of spins, sector “Number 2” at 27.78%, and so on. Also, based on this data you can determine a winning betting tactic for yourself. For example, placing bets on Sector 1 is more likely to win than on other segments, however, players then miss out on attractive and colorful bonus rounds.

The Best Monopoly Live Casino

If you want to play Monopoly Live, you need to choose a reliable and safe online casino that has all the necessary licenses to operate legally in Bangladesh. We have compiled for you a list of reputable, licensed, and highly rated online casinos in Bangladesh, on whose platforms you can get the best experience playing Monopoly Live. You can also count on generous bonuses, fast and convenient payment methods, 24/7 customer support, instant payouts, and quality play from mobile devices. 

Check out the best online casinos in Bangladesh from the table below:

CasinoWelcome Bonus
1win500% up to BDT 99,000
1xbet200% up to BDT 150,000 + 150 Free Spins
Parimatch150% up to BDT 20,000
Mostbet125% up to BDT 25,000 + 250 Free Spins
4rabet600% up to BDT 60,000
22bet100% up to BDT 13,000
Melbet100% up to BDT 10,000
MegaPari100% up to BDT 20,000
Dafabet100% up to BDT 20,000
888Starz100% up to BDT 10,000

Monopoly Live Honest Check

Some Monopoly Live players prefer to bet on sectors based on Monopoly Live results from past rounds. Many of them even use special tracker websites for this purpose. In addition to keeping track of all past rounds of the game, these sites can also be used to view the actual statistics to compare them with those announced by the provider.

To investigate the fairness of the game, our experts visited several different tracker sites. We decided to check the Monopoly Live result for the last month by setting this figure in the “time frame” section. We saw that the actual statistics for a large number of spins, which is more than 40 thousand, corresponds well to the calculated one. And if we take the history of games over several months rather than just one, the correspondence is even better. 

This shows that the Monopoly Live game is not rigged, and all the results are absolutely honest. For example, if the Wheel had been set up so that the “Number 1” sector would fall out more often, it would be noticeable in the real Monopoly Live score as the win rate would be greater than 40.79%. 

What also speaks to the honesty and transparency of Monopoly Live is that its developer is the licensed provider of Evolution Gaming, whose policy is to provide players with a fair gaming experience.

24/7 Monopoly live stream from Evolution's studio. All casinos show the same gameplay, enabling fair play tracking.

Why Track Round Histories?

As already mentioned, most Monopoly Live players prefer to use the “Betting on Past Round Histories” strategy. According to the logic of these players, it is necessary to bet on a segment that has not turned out to be a winning one for a long time, and vice versa, a segment that just fell out cannot fall out again. However, this strategy is meaningless. The fact is that Monopoly Live Wheel has no memory, which means that a segment that has fallen out does not depend on the history of past rounds. In other words, a winning segment can fall again in the next round, and even several rounds in a row. 

Is it then worth keeping track of the round history and using tracker sites to study statistics? In terms of identifying the winning sector, no, but in terms of personal knowledge, why not.

How can I see the results of monopoly live?

You can view your Monopoly Live gaming activity using the “History” button. By clicking on it you will be able to access the following information:

  • Account History – Information about the date you participated in the game, its number, how much you wagered and on which segment it was placed, and how much you won or lost. The last completed round is displayed at the top of the list.
  • Game history – by clicking on a specific game number in the PLAY column you will have access to your history relating to that particular game.

The History button is located on the toolbar of the Monopoly Live Dream Catcher game.


How Can I Check That The Monopoly Live Wheel Is Not Rigged?

To check the fairness of the Monopoly Wheel, all you need to do is calculate the theoretical probabilities for each sector of the Wheel and compare these to actual statistics for a few thousand rounds. These statistics are available on tracker sites that are freely available.

Can I Predict Future Spins Based On Past Round Statistics?

Since the Monopoly Wheel has no memory, the outcome of future rounds does not depend on the past result, so there is no way to predict it.

Can I Beat Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is based on the random selection of segments. The result of a future round is independent of the previous one, so there is no way to beat Monopoly Live. However, there are some winning strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning.

What Do You Need For The First Game?

If you have never played Monopoly Live before and want to start doing so, the first thing you need to do is to decide on a reliable online gaming platform and register. Then, make a deposit, visit the Live Casino, and select the Monopoly Live game. All you have to do is choose a sector and bet on it, after which the host will start spinning the wheel and you’ll know if you’ve won or not.