Familiarize Yourself With The Basics Of The Game

Monopoly Live is the live online version of the most popular board game loved in many countries around the world, including Bangladesh. It is a gambling game from provider Evolution Gaming, where the gameplay is accompanied by a live dealer and streamed via video 24/7 from Evolution’s dedicated Live studio.

The basic rules of the game are as follows: At the beginning of the main round, the host spins a large money wheel. The player’s main task is to guess the sector on which the drum will stop spinning. The player who bet on the sector indicated by the top pointer after the drum stopped completely wins. There are a total of 54 sectors on the Wheel, where:

  • 48 sectors are win multipliers such as x1, x2, x5, x10;
  • 2 “Chance” sectors, where you get an instant cash prize or a random multiplier;
  • 3 sectors “2 Rolls” – On a roll Mr. Monopoly will start a bonus game with two rolls of the dice;
  • 1 sector “4 Rolls” – it starts the bonus game with four rolls of the dice. 

Players are particularly impressed with the 3D graphics bonus round, and it is this round that is of most interest to fans of gambling entertainment.

Overview Of Strategies For Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live: Improve winning odds with effective strategies. Find the best tactics for you.

Monopoly Live offers the lucky ones a good chance to win a decent amount of money, while for those who are less fortunate, here are some basic strategies that can help increase their chances of winning. In this section, we’ll look at a few winning tactics and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each, so you can find the best one for you.

Max RTP Strategy

RTP is the percentage of returns to the player, or the average amount of money you get from each bet. For clarity and understanding, here is an example. Let’s assume that in the gambling game you choose, the percentage RTP is 98%. This means that if you play a wager of BDT 100, you will receive an average of BDT 98 from each bet. For example, in Monopoly Live, a player can get into the “4 Rolls” sector with a multiplier of x1000 and then his bet in BDT 100 will bring him BDT 100,000 and RTP of 100,000%. 

To make a strategy with maximum RTP it is necessary to understand what percentage of return each of the wheel segments in the Monopoly Live game makes. The table below provides this information from Evolution Gaming itself:

BetRTP, %
2 Rolls93.90%
4 Rolls93.67%

As you can see, the optimal theoretical yield for a player is 96.23%. From the above table we understand that the most giving sectors are number 2 and 10, and the most withdrawing sectors are number 1 and 5. As for the roll segments, they are located in the middle, and although they have a good percentage of RTP, unfortunately, they do not fall out very often. So what about the strategy itself?

The Max RTP of the Monopoly Live Strategy is to place each bet on a sector with a multiplier of x2. If you place your bets on other sectors of the reel, the percentage RTP will change to a smaller side. This strategy may seem boring to you, but it has its advantages. Firstly, the x2 segment falls out quite often, as it occupies about 30% of the Wheel of Fortune, and secondly, this sector has the highest percentage of RTP, which is a good indicator for winning.

Round History Based Strategy

Often, gamblers prefer to choose a strategy based on their round history. They even use special trackers to keep track of all the rounds played. By their logic, a segment that hasn’t turned out to be a winning one in a while should be about to do so, and vice versa, a segment that has just turned out to be a winning one may not happen again. We have to disappoint you, this strategy does not work. 

The Wheel of Fortune in Monopoly Live has no memory, which means that the probability of any segment falling out is independent of its past history. Moreover, if you think that by using trackers with round statistics you can outwit the theory of probability, you are mistaken – it is impossible. Although this strategy is not a winning one, we thought you should know about it.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system can be considered the most successful strategy in gambling, including Monopoly Live. At least in terms of its popularity and ease of use. 

Its essence is that players should double the amount bet after each loss. Say, if a bet on an x5 segment loses, you have to bet again on x5, but twice as much. In case of another loss, the next time you bet x5 again, the risk amount is increased again. And so on until the player wins. After winning, the casino customer receives an amount equal to the original bet. The problem is that with a long losing streak, these amounts quickly grow to enormous amounts.

Of course, all online casinos are aware of the Martingale strategy and therefore impose certain limits on the amount of bets that can be placed, which prevents the strategy from giving players a casino advantage. 

The betting limits in Monopoly Live are as follows:

BetBet LimitsPayout
1BDT 50 – BDT 100,0001:1
2BDT 50 – BDT 100,0002:1
5BDT 50 – BDT 100,0005:1
10BDT 50 – BDT 50,00010:1
ChanceBDT 50 – BDT 25,000Random cash winnings/multiplier
2 RollsBDT 50 – BDT 25,000Bonus Game 
4 RollsBDT 50 – BDT 10,000Bonus Game 
Max Payout 10,000x or BDT 50,000,000

If you want to use the Martingale strategy but don’t know which sector is best to bet on, choose sector 1 only. Firstly, it’s the most frequent one, and secondly, the payout is 1:1. This strategy is certainly not the best one to choose if you want to make big money, for several reasons. The first is that it’s pretty boring to bet on the same sector every time and miss out on the 3D bonus rounds. The second is that you have no advantage over the casino. The strategy’s RTP is equal to sector 1’s RTP, which is a mere 92.88%. Martingale’s strategy is more suitable for those players who have a fairly large bankroll and who are not afraid to take risks.

Number 2 And 2 Rolls

Another Monopoly Live Casino strategy involves betting exclusively on the “Number 2” and “2 Rolls” segments, skipping the “4 Rolls” segment. The “2 Rolls” sector is the most frequently encountered sector with the bonus game, and the x2 sector takes up almost 30% of the Wheel of Fortune, which is pretty common in principle. 

Let’s look at an example: Let’s say you bet on number 2 at BDT 100 and on the sector “2 Rolls” a bet of BDT 50. So your bet per spin is BDT 150. This means that every spin that lands on number 2 will bring in BDT 300, which in turn leads to one “free” spin of Wheel of Fortune. This is a pretty good strategy in the sense that the x2 segment has the highest RTP percentage, namely 96.23%, as well as a 2:1 payout. What’s also attractive about this strategy is that you’ll have the opportunity to play a bonus game, increasing your winnings.

Number 10 And Rolls Progressive

The second highest RTP is the x10 segment. The return on this segment is 96.02% and the payout is 10 to 1, so it would be logical to bet on this particular sector. Plus, by betting on “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls” players have a good opportunity to participate in bonus games. The idea behind this strategy is to bet on number 10 and cover both bonus bets at the same time, increasing them as the game progresses. Rolls Progressive in this case means a progressive betting system, increasing the bet by “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls” for example after every three spins.

Here’s an example for you to consider. Let’s say you place the following bets: you bet BDT 100 on Number 10, BDT 70 on “2 Rolls” and BDT 50 on “4 Rolls”. Your total bet for the spin is BDT 220. If you get x10 sectors, your winnings will be BDT 2,200 and if you get x10 sectors, you will also play a bonus game.

While this strategy is tempting, it’s still risky, and here’s why. Since your bets only cover 8 segments on the Wheel of Fortune, the chances of getting the highlight reel in the right sector are not that high. And even by increasing your bets after every three spins, you run the risk of losing your entire bankroll because those sectors may not come up for a very long time.

Number 1 And Rolls

This strategy is not much different from the Number 10 and Rolls Progressive strategy. The difference is that instead of betting on Number 10 and two bonus segments, this game plan requires betting on Number 1 and two bonus segments in progression. 

This is probably a winning strategy, as the number 1 segment appears 22 times on the Wheel of Fortune, and they all pay out with an equal 1:1 odds. Importantly, when the bonus segments appear, players can play a bonus game and increase their winnings by several times.

The Most Safe Strategy

The safest strategy is to place your chips on all segments of the Wheel of Fortune. Monopoly Live has a special ‘Bet on All’ button, by clicking on it, bets of a certain amount will be placed on all segments. 

In this strategy, the odds are 50/50, because on the one hand one bet always wins, while on the other hand, the other five always lose. 

The RTP percentage in this tactic is 94%, which is neither a lot nor a little. In addition, sticking to this strategy, players will have the opportunity to participate in bonus rounds, which are particularly attractive to players of Monopoly. 

This strategy can be improved by increasing the percentage RTP to 94.54%. To do this, you need to eliminate placing bets on the greediest sector x5. A sector with a multiplier of 5 will occur in about every eighth round, so you won’t be left without a win.

Monopoly Live Casinos Where You Can Try Our Strategies

Below you can check out the list of the best licensed online casinos in Bangladesh that offer the Monopoly Live game. These online platforms will let you try out every Monopoly strategy and find the winning one for you today:

CasinoWelcome BonusBenefits
1win500% up to BDT 99,000Over 10,000 casino games;Around 400 live dealer games;Cryptocurrency support.
1xbet200% up to BDT 150,000 + 150 Free SpinsExtensive bonus program;Own Promo Code Store;Rich Game Shows Live section.
Parimatch150% up to BDT 20,000Guaranteed payment of winnings;A wide selection of live games from Evolution, NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, etc.;Round-the-clock support service.
Mostbet125% up to BDT 25,000 + 250 Free SpinsPopular payment methods such as BKash, Nagad, and Rocket as well as cryptocurrency support;Wide range of bonuses and promotions;Free mobile app;An impressive catalog of casino and live casino games;
4rabet600% up to BDT 60,000A simple and user-friendly interface;Fast and secure ways to deposit and withdraw to BDT;Minimum deposit amount of just BDT 100;A live casino section with many Asian-themed games.
Monopoly Live rules: Max payout x10,000 initial bet, not over BDT 50,000,000.

Our Experience And Best Strategy For Monopoly Live

To create this review, our experts have spent many hours playing Monopoly Live. We have tested all the above strategies to find the winning ones. Each strategy is good in its own way, but as Monopoly randomly draws a sector per round (based on the RNG), no single strategy guarantees a 100% winning outcome. 

If you like to take risks, you can stick with strategies such as Martingale, or Number 10 And Rolls Progressive. But if the risk isn’t your thing, try playing with the safest strategy, which is to bet on all sectors except x5. It is the latter strategy that our experts have favored because playing this way you will win something.


Playing Monopoly Live Dream Catcher will give players from Bangladesh a special gaming experience. Even though this online game is one in which luck greatly influences the results, many players successfully apply certain strategies to play Monopoly to win. The use of strategies can help players earn even more cash, however, none of them can guarantee success. The Martingale and Number 10 And Rolls Progressive strategies are the riskiest, but also the most popular, while the safest strategy increases the chances of winning, although it does not promise to be big.

Remember that using strategies is not mandatory when playing Monopoly Live, and it is up to each player to decide how to play the game. It is prudent to try out each of the strategies on minimum stakes before making large and risky bets.


Which Sector Of The Monopoly Live Wheel Is The Most Profitable?

The most profitable sector of the Monopoly Live game is number 2. Its RTP percentage is 96.23%.

How Many Rounds Do I Have Left In Martingale Strategy?

To make it clear, let’s look at an example. Suppose you have 100,000 BDT in your game balance. If you bet on Sector 1, start with a minimum bet of 50 BDT and double if you lose, you have 14 rounds to spare. If Sector 1 does not win once in those 14 spins, you will lose BDT 81,920 and cannot double again due to casino limits.

Which Sector Of The Monopoly Live Wheel Is The Most Losing?

The sector with the number 5 is the most losing one. The RTP is only 91.30%, so it would be wise to avoid betting on this sector if possible.

How Profitable Is The Monopoly Live Strategy On Spin History?

Since the Wheel of Fortune has no memory and the winning segments are determined by the RNG, there is no point in predicting the outcome of the next round, as the results of the spins do not depend on each other.

Does The Martingale Strategy Work In Monopoly Live?

This strategy will undoubtedly work. However, it is quite risky, as players need to double their bet after each loss, and this can go on until the player runs into the casino betting limits and loses their entire bankroll.